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I was born in Alplaus, New York in 1951, the youngest of four daughters.  My father was a mechanical engineer and my mother a housewife.  As a child I loved animals and read a lot.  Not much different from the way I am today, in fact.

Growing up I was surrounded by females – our neighbors and close family friends on Lake George also had four daughters.  I feel that I understand girls better than boys, so I write primarily for them.

Education and Other Jobs

I attended Webster College in St. Louis and then a theater school in New York City.  I was involved with the legitimate theater for a number of years in a patchy sort of way.  Eventually realizing that I was getting nowhere fast, I came back upstate and got a secretarial job.  I married and had a son.

I only began writing seriously when I was in my late thirties and was first published in my early forties.  While I worked on OWL IN LOVE, my first book, I became involved in a program called Helping Hands, in which I raised two monkeys to be aides to quadriplegics.  You can check it out at:


My husband is the president of a consulting engineering company.  He travels a lot, to Asia as well as to more mundane destinations.  My son Alex works for the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.  Other important family members have been animals.  We have housed monkeys, hawks (not ours – but belonging to a family friend), lots of dogs and cats and birds and pet rodents of various sorts.  I had a corn snake once, but couldn’t bear to watch it eating live mice.  Currently we have Dante, a black-and-tan Cavalier King Charles spaniel (yes, the dog in KEEPING THE CASTLE is really my Dante), Bree the Panama Amazon parrot and Flood, an ancient orange tiger cat.


Kandy, a monkey I raised



Bree, a Panama Amazon parrot
Bree, a Panama Amazon parrot



Legs, a Harris hawk

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